The Bitter Cup

Matthew 26:36-46

Jesus had planned to go to the cross before the foundation of the world.  He knew you and I needed a Savior before we were ever born. But He went  to the cross anyway. Giving us the greatest love He could ever give. He  is a great Savior. Do you know Him? 


How Will You Receive Jesus?

Luke 19:28-48  Jesus came to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to be the sacrificial Passover  Lamb, Those who received Him had other ideas of why He came. He still  comes to those who would receive Him, but on His terms, not ours. How  will you receive Him? 


Goodbye Billy Graham

The life of Billy Graham was memorable for so many. But your life can  have an impact on others with the same message of the gospel. The video  played during the sermon can be found on YouTube. Thank You Billy Graham  by Billy Dean. 

Faith for the New Year

Hebrews 11:1-6